Human Resource

Human Resource Management

The Company takes pride in its highly motivated, dedicated and competent human resources that have contributed their best to bring the Company to its present heights. It has a well-diversified pool of limited human resources, which is composed of personnel with high academic background. It intends to re-shape and upgrade its Human Resources Department so that it may be effective and efficient one. There is a positive demographic characteristic within the organization. Most employees are comparatively young in age, but matured in experience. Being young and energetic, employees are highly dedicated to excel their contribution towards business growth and HR team is also too much supportive as a strategic partner of the Company. HR team strongly realizes that integrity among employees and collective effort to reach vision can make the Company a successful one in this competitive business sector. It is a matter of great importance that sustainable business growth as well as corporate culture is a long term task. In doing so, HR team not only focuses on job efficiency, but also develops culture in a greater context. The overall employee relations are peaceful and harmonious.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The performance targets had been set in the 20th Board Meeting as reliable measuring tools for monitoring and regulating business activities, technical standards, cost reduction, maximum availability of plant to ensure reliable commissioning power plant and thus more effectively guide it to become a financially viable company. The KPI targets of BCPCL for the FY 2018-19 are placed below:

Recruitment and Selection Process

Recruiting is discovering potential applicants for actual or anticipated organizational vacancies. It involves seeking viable job candidates. On the other hand, the selection process is the process of screening job applications to ensure that the most appropriate candidates are hired. The Company follows a strict and transparent recruitment and selection policy in order to ensure that only the best people are selected and recruited.

Employee Relations

The Company takes pride in its employees. The human resource has been the backbone of the Company in driving operational and financial performance. As a commitment towards the Company’s core values, employees’ participation in management is effective based on mutual respect, trust and a feeling of being a progressive partner in growth and success. Both employees and management complement each other’s efforts in furthering the interest of the Company as well as its stakeholders, signifying and highlighting overall harmony and cordial employee relations prevalent in the Company.

Induction Training

Induction Training

Induction Training

Induction Training

Certificate Ceremony